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HIV/AIDS is a disease in immune system brought by the infection with human immunodeficiency virus. The continuous failure of the human immune system gives way for life-threatening illnesses and cancers to develop and gradually kills the afflicted person.


HIV/AIDS was first identified in 1981 to certain men who had contracted a form of pneumonia disease. However, the disease would not manifest fully by then, not until 10 years or more after contracting the virus.

By: Peter Mars, a YACON SYRUP RESOURCE writer and author – he’s a fitness trainer that’s put together many different fitness programs for athletes and high-level Olympians.

HIV/AIDS takes many years before it entirely expands into more advanced symptoms.

HIV/AIDS primary modes of transmission are as follow:

  • Having unprotected sexual intercourse with an HIV/AIDS positive person. HIV is passed on through semen, vaginal fluid and blood. Having intercourse vaginally, rectally, or orally without wearing protection like condom, the HIV is most likely to be transmitted to the open sores or bleeding that may occur during the sex. HIV enters the bloodstream through cuts or open wounds.
  • Sharing needles for drug injection puts you on greater risk to acquire HIV/AIDS. Using needles that were used already by other persons (who might be afflicted with the virus) allows the direct access of HIV to your blood stream.
  • Mother with HIV/AIDS puts higher risk on her child’s life as the HIV can be transferred during the childbirth or breastfeeding.

During the 90’s period, it has been reported that greater numbers of women are recorded to be HIV/AIDS positive than the men that were infected by the disease. It was the period then that the international travel was booming and lots of women were going abroad to work as entertainers.

However on the start of 2000, of which gender discrimination on gay people were gradually diminishing and many of the discreet were already coming out in the open, so happened also the increase in number of male affected with HIV/AIDS, mostly of them were bisexuals.

There is no such luck to be totally freed from the virus once it gets into you. Since the beginning of HIV outbreak, there is not one recorded case of person affected with the disease that has cleared the virus after being infected with the disease.

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