Emerging Infectious Diseases

Sean Dempsey is a freelance writer (he most recently covered a rhinoplasty Scottsdale topic pretty in-depth, and is working on a guide for the Arizona Plastic Surgeon Resource Site AGRS, as well as a fast Liposuction Scottsdale infographic).

Over the last decade, many emerging diseases have troubled the entire globe and killed a great numbers of people from different nations. Adults and children alike became poor victims. These emerging diseases increased in frequency at extremely rapid pace and brought up the whole world into a panicking state – even ailments such as┬álung cancer symptoms in women have increased.


Health department were set on alert mode and the tourism was also affected, especially of those countries that were mostly afflicted by the diseases. For the last ten years, almost all of the newly emerging diseases were infectious and has become the second leading reasons of death worldwide, next to cardiovascular illness.

In 2004 World Health Report, it was stated that the emerging infectious diseases were responsible for about 26 percent of the 57 million global casualties during the year 2002. Numerous factors such as economic status, human populations and lifestyles, and international trips and trades generally contribute to the emergence of these infectious diseases that destroyed many lives and health.

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