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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a contagious respiratory infection brought by the SARS Coronavirus. The outbreak of SARS between 2002 and 2003 had nearly become a pandemic at that time recording 8,273 reports and 775 fatalities global as per the World Health Organization.

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First identified in the 1960’s, Human Coronaviruses are named based on the crown-like or halo protrusions on their exterior. Although, it wasn’t one of the pharmacy technician duties – the groups of viruses that cause this viral SARS disease, the Coronaviruses, are RNA viruses that affect the upper respiratory tract in various mammals and birds. The viruses may also cause gastrointestinal strains.


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Influenza, also called as “flu” is a viral infection from birds and mammals, of which outbreaks happen at late fall and winter. Once the person has had established the infection, certain symptoms are developed like chilling due to high fever, throat pain, myalgia, severe headache, and malaise (general discomfort). Influenza is a ruthless disease brought by different viruses that can be transmitted through coughing and sneezing.

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Influenza can occasionally progress into bacterial infections like acute otitis media (ear infection), bronchitis and sinusitis. In more serious cases, the flu can develop into direct viral or secondary bacterial pneumonia that causes high fever and troubled breathing.


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HIV/AIDS is a disease in immune system brought by the infection with human immunodeficiency virus. The continuous failure of the human immune system gives way for life-threatening illnesses and cancers to develop and gradually kills the afflicted person.


HIV/AIDS was first identified in 1981 to certain men who had contracted a form of pneumonia disease. However, the disease would not manifest fully by then, not until 10 years or more after contracting the virus.

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Emerging Infectious Diseases

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Over the last decade, many emerging diseases have troubled the entire globe and killed a great numbers of people from different nations. Adults and children alike became poor victims. These emerging diseases increased in frequency at extremely rapid pace and brought up the whole world into a panicking state – even ailments such as lung cancer symptoms in women have increased.


Health department were set on alert mode and the tourism was also affected, especially of those countries that were mostly afflicted by the diseases.

Cutting Down on Infections in the Workplace

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While most of us wash our hands often and are careful to not contaminate the foods we eat, when it comes down to workplace health, it’s important that we take some extra steps toward keeping and staying healthy.


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